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Latest from the Blog

  • My Life: Ladybug Visits
    Today I found a ladybug in my bed. It came out from underneath my blanket and crawled onto my finger, as many ladybugs have done before. “Hi Papa,” I whispered, “Good morning”. As little girl visiting my grandparents in Georgia I saw a doodlebug, sliding around making patterns in the sand with its body. “What’s […]
  • Reincarnation Evidence: Jenny Cockell
    Jenny Cockell, a British woman born in the 1950s has memories that are not from her current life. From a young age, she had vivid memories of living in an Irish cottage…with eight children… in the 1930s! Jenny’s quest to find answers for her unusual memories presents some of the strongest evidence for reincarnation that […]
  • Simple Tarot Spreads
    When I’m pulling cards for myself, I usually keep it simple. I center myself, light a candle or hold a crystal. Then I mentally decide on a spread and overhand shuffle my cards until I feel one pop out. Let intuition be your guide and a see what insights your deck has for you. What […]