Love Letter To The Personality Hacker Podcast

Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge

Dear Personality Hacker Podcast,

You are next level and I love you. Your expert hosts Joel and Antonia are absolutely brilliant. Literally so smart I can barely handle it.

You have taught me so much about personality theory, Myers Briggs (MTBI) in particular. I would not understand nearly as much about the system and myself without you. Seriously.

My favorite episode is on how to guess the types of other people. You use real life examples and make it easy to understand the differences between the MTBI letters. Now I understand E from I, S from N…. but more than that I know how to meet people where they are. That episode alone has given me better perspective on all of my relationships.

Then there’s your series on deep dives into every personality type, focusing on cognitive functions. You give so much insight into how each types’ mind works and good practical advice that I’ve carried with me. Every time someone new tells me their type, I send them a link to their personal podcast. I’m going to link them all here so people can find theirs.*



AND despite being MTBI wizards you also have diversity. You’re always opening my eyes to other systems of personal growth- love languages, energy coaching, Enneagram, and the Tools system.

Thank you for your wisdom, your teaching, and your hard work.

Your biggest fan girl, Melissa

* these are all Apple podcast links- it’s all I know! If you have another platform all these can also be found at the Personality Hacker website

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